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  Attempting to lift the Fog


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February Golden Gate Chapter Trivia
1991: Italian Gardens will be the spot for SCTE testing this coming Saturday on category 4. 1992: Woody Cash and Greg Bawdon are congratulated for their article on a way to check CTB in a non-interfering way. 1993: AML path to Sunnyvale is being replaced by fiber. 1995: Bart tube still being pursued for the fiber ring. 1996: Bay "mud" crossing, Glen Weeks, Patrick O'Hare and TCI discuss alternate ways to complete the ring. 1999: Steve Allen is very much involved in the setting up of the vendor day coming up in March

This year the Chapter Leadership Conference will be in Dallas, Texas

May 1-2

Here is the link to the hotel

Dallas/Addison Marriott Quorum by the Galleria

Do you want to Join SCTE? Are you a Comcast Employee?

Comcast will pay for you membership through the Corporate Alliance Program(CAP).

2nd Annual Golden Gate Pair-A-Dice Event

Awesome networking event with over 80 people in attendance.  More info and pictures come.  
Stay tuned!

What an awesome event with a great turn out. Thank you to our amazing sponsors! With out you we wouldn't be able to continue to provide training and certifications.

November Golden Gate chapter Trivia

1988: Harrigan is elected to the Golden Gate chapter board and is elected the secretary. 1991: Rick Schick, Gary Nelson and Mark Bisenius are all on the SCTE GGC ballot. 1993: Bell Atlantic has bid to buy TCI and Par Peterson, Patrick O'Hare and Harrigan co-proctor SCTE BCT/E testing. 2000: Fritz meats will cater the SCTE seminar to be held at the Concord system.


                               10th Annual SCTE Northern California Fall Roundup 2018, 10/12


What a great ride this year.  Weather was absolutely perfect!

Awesome job and Thank you to Billy Vance and his son Danny!  As always, the BBQ was the best.  A special thank you to McGuire Harley Davidson for donating raffle prizes.

  • Lockford meeting place
    Lockford meeting place
  • Lockford meeting place also
    Lockford meeting place also
  • Columbia State Park
    Columbia State Park
  • Ferry on 160
    Ferry on 160
Lockford meeting place
Lockford meeting place

September Golden Gate Chapter Trivia:

1988: Working with TCI corporate on CVS "shop at home" test.  1989: Ethics (cat 7) was the SCTE seminar topic this month - Steve Effros was our speaker.  1991: South bay systems to get SF off airs via fiber from WTCI.  1992: DMX project "Cable radio". 1994: Tom Kalog wants to know how many A/B switches the systems want in the 1994 budget.  1998: Laptops and Cell phones will be budgeted to allow supervisors to stay out in the field longer.  2000: Billy Vance is promoted to project engineer and telephony is launched in Concord.  2001: 9-11-2001 a day that will live in infamy, but the weekly goes out as always, but the SCTE seminar is cancelled.

Thank you to PPC Broadband for providing awesome On-site Training -

Hardline Connector Installation

9/17 - 9/20 Multiple Locations

Content supported Broadband Distribution Specialist. 


August Golden Gate chapter Trivia:

1989: This month’s SCTE seminar is on leakage and CLI - the main speaker was Marty Volkoff with the FCC in SF.  1990: August seminar will be on Terminal devices, September will cover Emerging technologies and October will cover fiber optics.  1997: Wireless phone jack to allow up to hook up DCT's for two way is a bust.  1993: Patrick O’Hare and I met with the broadcasters in San Francisco on bringing their channels directly to our headends via fiber.  2000: DCT non-responding reported at 22%! 1997: Woody Cash wins big at Expo's cable games this year! 


THANK You Ed Marchetti, Jim Sayer and Miles Pellegrini!

You did a fantastic job speaking to our membership at the 2018 Northern California Vendor Days


Kevin Sullivan

2018 Technician of the Year

Terry Klaus
2018 Gloria Cook Award Recipient

2018 Cable Games winner

Eric Kerslake

He will be going to Atlanta, GA for the Cable-Tec Expo.  All expenses paid!

Congratulations to the candidates that have been elected to our
Golden Gate Chapter Board!

Doug Nolan

Gilbert Jaquez

Alex Fierros

Ron Poole

Kim Lindeberg

Will Lundstrom

Terry Klaus



Golden Gate


The Golden Gate Chapter took 2nd place again for chapter of the year and also took striving for excellence award!

Another "historic" achievement!

Thank you Antronix!!!

Excellent webinar on Signal Conditioning at the Tap Level presented by Robert Crow of Antronix.

As node and amplifier output levels and upstream signal to noise expectations both increase, we can no longer optimize the plant using nodes and amplifiers alone. To ensure the right signal levels reach our customer premise equipment, our taps can be used to narrow, receive and transmit level windows and help limit customer premise noise that generate return path impairments. 

April Golden Gate Chapter History:

April Golden Gate Chapter History: 1987: Mini Hub 1 power supply failures have all but wiped us out - in a panic to get replacements! Wrestlemania was a success! 1991: SCTE EXPO will be held in Reno in June. 1992/1993: Dave Large, Del Heller, Art Ammon, Mike Gorenand Jack Goldie are asked to color code in the routes of Viacom’s budgeted fiber routes for the bay area. Fiber the bay, press conference is a big hit! 1994: year old AML is being eliminated. 1997: New San Jose office, Curt Christenson gives a tour of the new facility where the folks finally have enough room and Wayne Pope gets an article on fiber preventive maintenance he wrote published. 2000: Butch Robertson is awarded the SCTE GGC lifetime achievement award.


Thank you to all of the wonderful Sponsors that supported our 1st Annual Pair A Dice Event....It was a success and we couldn't do it with out you!!

Platimum Sponsors: EXFO, VeEX, Sefnco, TVC, AFL, TSG, KGP and VIAVI.

Gold Sponsor: Ciena

Silver Sponsors:All Systems Broadband, TLG, Comsonics, CableCom, Commscope, Power & Tel and CORNING.

Bronze Sponsors: Precision Optical Transcievers, Multilink, Cisco, FiberX/CHANNEL and BroadBand International

Be sure to look at all the pictures now located in the Photo Album and the below slide show!



Member of the Year

Ed Marchetti 

 A Society member since 1994, Marchetti is the senior vice president of technical operations for Comcast and has been a staunch advocate for SCTE•ISBE and its training mission, engaging Comcast’s engineering and technical operations with his nationwide ambassador program.  Marchetti is also helping Comcast to realize maximum benefit from its SCTE•ISBE Corporate Alliance Partnership.  Ed was also Region 1 Director for SCTE which included our very own Golden Gate Chapter.   Congratulations  Ed!!


The Lifetime Achievement Award 2017

            The combined NorCal Chapters Recognized

                     Steve Allen   

For his Groundbreaking contributions to Vendors Day and his  dedication to the SCTE's Mission and Membership!

                         Congratulations Steve!!      


         Danny Vance selected for Gloria Cook award!  

This years recipient has been helping every year with the cable games and the motorcycle rally's.  He works so hard to make these events successful!

Congratulations Danny and well deserved!!!

Danny pictured with board member Doug Nolan


Golden Gate Chapter Technician of the Year 2017

This years recipient is Jeremiah Cooper from Wave!  He has been a strong advocate for the SCTE and has competed in the several cable games which he won in 2015.  He really strives to share the philosophy of the SCTE! He has really motivated the employees at Wave to take the certifications SCTE.....

Congratulations Jeremiah!!!

Congratulations to the candidates that have been elected to our
Golden Gate Chapter Board!

 Dan Turina
Mark Harrigan
Woody Cash
Bud Hathaway
Billy Vance
Shan Gary
Don Simmons



Northern California Vendor Days 2017

 This year's event was a major success!  The Golf tournament (managed by Dan Turina) and Motorcycle Rally (managed by Billy Vance) went extremely well. The weather decided to cooperate this year. Thank you Mother Nature!

The panel of guest speakers for the luncheon was the talk of the floor.  People that attended were so focused on the discussion that you could hear a pin drop!  A BIG Thank You  to the panel!

Moderator - Ed Marchetti-Sr VP of Operation, Comcast

Panelist - Shane Portfolio-West Division Sr VP of Engineering/Operations

Panelist - Kalpa Subramanian-RVP of Engineering, California Region

Panelist - John Gauder-Regional VP of Operations, California Region


The theme was around the importance of the partnership between operations and engineering as well as embracing technology with the support of CAP (corporate alliance program)

Thank you to all the Vendors that supported the Vendor Days, Golf and Motorcycle Rally!!! We could survive without you!!  List of sponsors will be posted soon....


2017 Cable Games winner was Chris Miranda from Comcast.  Chris also won last year!  Chris will receive an all expense paid trip to attend the SCTE Cable Tech Expo in Denver.......Next year that could be you

Congratulations Chris Miranda!!!

  • Cable games Competition
    Cable games Competition
  • Board Members Dan Turina and Bud Hathaway-Board election table
    Board Members Dan Turina and Bud Hathaway-Board election table
  • Vendor floor was AWESOME!
    Vendor floor was AWESOME!
  • Cable game winners Left to Right-3rd Jeremiah Cooper-1st Chris Miranda-2nd Jesse Fort
    Cable game winners Left to Right-3rd Jeremiah Cooper-1st Chris Miranda-2nd Jesse Fort
  • Full house for the Luncheon
    Full house for the Luncheon
  • The Gloria Cook award recipient Keith Weilert presented by Doug Nolan-Award goes to non-board member that goeas above and beyond to assist the chapter
    The Gloria Cook award recipient Keith Weilert presented by Doug Nolan-Award goes to non-board member that goeas above and beyond to assist the chapter
  • SVP Ed Marchetti made a point to stop at each vendor table on the show floor
    SVP Ed Marchetti made a point to stop at each vendor table on the show floor
  • A buzz is in the air
    A buzz is in the air
  • Chris Miranda showing off his new shirt to David Kirkpatrick and Vanessa Holliday
    Chris Miranda showing off his new shirt to David Kirkpatrick and Vanessa Holliday
  • Mike Soloman-Alex Fierros-Jeff McCaleb
    Mike Soloman-Alex Fierros-Jeff McCaleb
  • Ed Marchetti and Steve Harris
    Ed Marchetti and Steve Harris
  • Well attended floor
    Well attended floor
  • The Golden Gate SCTE Technician of the year recipient Jeremy Orozco presented by Doug Nolan-He won this award by certifying the most along with the highest scores
    The Golden Gate SCTE Technician of the year recipient Jeremy Orozco presented by Doug Nolan-He won this award by certifying the most along with the highest scores

Vendor Day Golf Tournament 2017

The SCTE NorCal Vendor Day Golf Tournament was held April 11th at Canyon Lakes Golf Course in San Ramon!  Dan Turina managed this years event with the assistance from Kim Lindeberg, Al Rodrigues, Gilbert Jaquez and Terry Klaus.  The tournament was sold out. 

Thank you to the Vendors that sponsored this year!  We couldn't do it without you!!!

Pictures to be posted soon!


Vendor Day Motorcycle Rally 2017


Outstanding ride this year managed by Billy Vance with the help of his son Danny Vance.  As usual they rode around the bay area with various stops along the way.  Sponsored by Vendors to be announced....Thank you Vendors!

Pictures to be posted soon


2016 Cable Games winner was Chris Miranda from Comcast.  

Chris received an all expense paid trip to attend the SCTE Cable Tech Expo in Philadelphia.......Next year that could be you

Congratulations Chris!!!

Chris Miranda pictured with Bud Hathaway


Thank you to Tom Scalin from VeEx for the wonderful seminar on Spectrum Analysis.  We had a great turn out via webinar.  It's the support of companys like VeEx that helps us with training our membership to be the best!

Thank you!!


A GREAT BIG Thank You to Pete Zarrelli from VeEx for providing an outstanding technical session on Docsis 3.1 to our members!!!!

The SCTE could not survive without the support of vendors like you!!!


 Thank you

Benjamin Sheng of AirMagnet

For the excellent technical session on

WiFi Networks & Troubleshooting!



 Thank you

Tammie Davis of EXFO for providing the Technical Session on PON-Passive Optical Networks

Also Thank you to Brett Isley and Todd Dover for their contributions to the topic


     Tammie Davis 


Ron Hranac




Ron Hranac and Bruce Currivan

for the wonderful webinar on

Docsis 3.1

Bruce Currivan


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Our very own Golden Gate SCTE member Rick Ortiz has been published in the latest edition of the SCTE Interval.  We are very fortunate to have such an outstanding talent within our region.  His article is very interesting and informative.  Please be sure to click on the green button to download the article.

Outstanding Rick!!!


2014 was another great year for the Golden Gate Chapter. Out of 75 chapters across the United States, we received 3rd Place for Chapter of the Year and the Compliance Award. It takes dedication and team work to be able to achieve these awards.  

Well done Golden Gate Chapter!


Thank you to David Kirkpatrick of Cisco Systems for providing his expertise for out Technical Seminar/Webinar

Golden Gate Chapter Seminar/Webinar

Fiber Deep Access Technologies

Discover how fiber will enable operators to provide NextGen Service Delivery


Please be sure to go to our Seminar Downloads

tab at the top of this page to get the slide deck! 


School Outreach at Yerba Buena High School!

Thank you to Woody Cash, Chris Miranda and Jason Cooper for sharing information regarding our industry and the role of SCTE at Career day.  The students were excited to hear about the career opportunities and how SCTE can help.....

Well done team!

From left to right:

Jason Cooper, student, Woody Cash, student, Chris Miranda & student


Congratulations to Rick Ortiz. He was chosen as the very first Technician Of the Year for the Golden Gate SCTE Chapter.
Rick has been in the CATV industry for over 40 years. He started his career working in RF and Radio technology with the US Army before realizing that he was embarking on his passion and lifelong career. Rick began working for Teleprompter in 1979 as a technician and has held a number of titles under different companies including Plant Manager, Headend Supervisor, Technical Trainer, and his current role as Senior Headend Technician with Southwest Bay Comcast. SCTE has equally been as much part of his career since becoming a member in 1979. Ricks SCTE accomplishments include certifying in SCTE BCTE and competing twice in the SCTE National Cable Tech Games. He is still a fixture in the annual Golden Gate Chapter Vendors Day Cable Games and on average wins gold every year in the Cable Jeopardy event. You can always count on seeing Rick at all technical training and seminars hosted by SCTE. Through his career he has become an advocate for SCTE, always encouraging other technicians to join and sharing his knowledge through learning and best practices. Not only is Rick Ortiz worthy of this special honor, he also epitomizes all of the qualities we’re looking for in each and every SCTE Technician of the Year.

Rick Competing in the Games 2015


2015 Cable Games winner was Jeremiah Cooper from Astound Broadband.  Jeremy received an all expense paid trip to attend the SCTE Cable Tech Expo in New Orleans.  Maybe he will be this years National Champion......Next year that could be you!

Congratulations Jeremiah Cooper!!!



Golf Tournament  Winners.  Yes, they win it again.  I believe that is 4 years running!

From Left to Right: John Davin, Michelle Bahls, Randy Blount and Shane Kittles.

Well played Team!

All - Be sure to look in the photo album-Many pictures of the golf this year have been added!